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Corporate and Business Registration Department (A Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development)

About Us 

With the rapid developments taking place in the financial sector, the Companies Division was called upon to shoulder additional functions above its existing duties of incorporating and regulating companies with the enactment of the MOBA Act in 1992 and with the registration of  Partnerships.  This Division became responsible for the incorporation of offshore companies.  In addition, the Division was also required to keep complete records of each of those companies.

In 2001, a new Companies Act was enacted repealing the previous Act which had been in force since 1984.  The 2001 Act also repealed the MOBA act as well as the international Companies Act 1994.

The purpose of this change was to provide a single regulatory framework for all companies in Mauritius whether Domestic Companies, Category 1 Global Business Licence (formerly Offshore Company) or Category 2 Global Business Licence (formerly International Companies).

Hence all companies are incorporated at this Division which also keeps a complete service  of records for each of these companies.

In 2006, the Business Registration Act came into force and as from 1 October 2006, all persons doing businesses in Mauritius & Rodrigues are registered at the Companies Division.

In April 2008, a unit of the Companies Division was created in Rodrigues to facilitate incorporation of Companies in Rodrigues.

In 2009, the Insolvency Act came into force on 1st June 2009.

In 2011, the Limited Partnership Act came into force on 15th December 2011.